My name is Anastasia. I am multi-craftual. A true Frankencrafter. I crochet, knit, sew, crochet some knitting and sew some crocheting. I sometimes use fibers and paper together. I love mixed media where I can just go nuts and make something truly one of a kind.

Fyberpunk was born out of a sense of helplessness when I couldn’t find *my* kind of supplies for things I wanted to make. The patterns available were uninteresting or looked very homemade rather than handmade. The yarn locally available at large retailers is just awful. The pattern tyranny was overwhelming for most everything…. and the stifling fabric retailers gave me a migraine. I love local shops and I try to buy all my supplies from independent retailers, with a few exceptions. There are few fabric retailers in my area so I often find myself looking on the internet for something interesting and the local-ish art shop is discontinuing their art supply inventory. In a changing economy, I get it, but I’m sad about this. Today I find things at secondhand stores, thrift shops, or yard sales and just reuse them or take them apart to use the pieces to make a completely different whole.

What you’ll find here are musings on my process along with items I’ve made for clients, retail shops, or for my own use. I hope you’ll find some inspiration here as I build my portfolio and even offer items for sale. Sponsorship or advertisement, to include affiliation, is welcome. Please bear with me as I learn how to use this and monetize my blog as well as build my Etsy shop and Facebook presence.

I welcome comments, questions, suggestions, and requests.


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