Fyber addict…

There’s been a whirlwind happening at my house. Yarn EVERYwhere. Packaging EVERYwhere. Tissue paper, scissors, yarn, ribbons…. I swear it looks like my studio threw up all over the house.

Between holiday giftmaking and fiber crafting and learning some new things, I’ve officially lost my mind. I’ve decided that it’s time to just stop. Stop now. Stop it. I was trying to finish one last little beanie, one last hat, one last pair of slippers. But it’s time to stop.

Seriously, though, I do my best to avoid the social pressure of the holidays. I don’t really celebrate anymore. When you’re single and don’t have children, there really doesn’t seem to be a point of all the flurry of activity surrounding one day. I much prefer the New Year–it just screams new yarn, new fabric, new projects list, doesn’t it?  I sort of feel like all the pressure and nonsense aren’t worth it. Since I’m such a Grinch, I hardly ever decorate, but this year my mom gave me a metal tree from Pier 1 to display some of my vintage ornaments. It’s adorable, isn’t it?


There are some felted things, knitted hearts, sock monkeys, a black lacquer spoon, and a few snowflakes. As you can see, a few of my gifts have been opened already (from co-workers) and my little vintage tablecloth looks darling as a “tree skirt” — what a find!

As I close this, I’m deleting much off my list of whatnots to do before Wednesday. The only thing I’m adding is a new pattern for a throw/blanket–sampler style. My cousin’s daughter is having a baby and my boyfriend has started the contract process to buy himself a house so there are loads of things to look forward to and that need some fyberpunk love in the new year.

If you celebrate, I wish you a lovely holiday season, sweet solstice, happy Christmas, peaceful Hanukkah, festive Festivus, merry Kwanzaa, or just a pleasant day with some friends or family. And don’t forget to thank those soldiers, airmen, sailors, and marines who are serving abroad and away from their loved ones. I’m grateful for your service.

Have a very groovy, fiber-filled, and whimsical week,



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