Happy Tuesday!

Check out this video from FedEX — click here for yarny hilariousness!


Tiny dressings…

Tiny dressings...

I was going through some photos and found this shot of a recent project. I am missing the work on this. It was a lot of fun and I can’t wait to make some additional versions so I can experiment with color and trimming it differently, possibly with a theme in mind… I am feeling inspired! Too bad my paying job doesn’t afford me any sewing time.

New art!!!

New art!!!

Learning new techniques and how to use a variety of art products is important when you’re expanding your horizons. I love to try new mediums of expressing myself. This weekend I took a class at my favorite shop (Blissbee, in Bisbee, Arizona) with a long-time favorite artist and dear friend of mine, Julie Haymaker Thompson.