Color Schemer tool



Color Schemer tool

As an artist, you often wonder what color to pair with another–it’s easy on the page or even in an accent piece like a throw or a rug. Sometimes, what you think in your head is just fine, but others, like in the case of my bedroom chairs, you get stuck. I mean, really, what else goes with green (true grass green) other than green? Red just screams Santa is coming and frankly, I’m not a fan of the jolly guy. I have these incredible vintage chairs and a bench my mother found for me at an estate sale. I instantly fell in love with them and put one chair in my studio, the other chair and the bench in my bedroom. There’s an old dust ruffle that is trimmed in the same upholstery, but it’s so worn, it just looks green. I originally thought to use my bronze silk duvet in there, but it really doesn’t do much for the green. So, I have been looking around. Today I found this color schemer to help narrow down the choices. Even if I have to make the duvet myself, I’ll get what I want… This helped me figure out what exactly I should look for.


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