Cozy and Contemporary Forts for Winter Hibernation

Think of the possibilities!


In our very transparent culture, privacy and solitude sometimes feels like it’s at a premium. Designers have tapped into our need for getting away from it all right in the comfort of our own homes. These contemporary, fort-like furniture pieces remind us of our childhood when it was a lot easier hide from the rest of the world. Bring your blankets, and get to snuggling in these cozy, contemporary forts.

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Since it’s about 78 degrees outside today I’ve been thinking of spring and looking forward to wearing sundresses again. This is such a gorgeous dress pictured that I would love to copy that!

New year, New moon… breathe-throughs and change…

I’m sure retrospectives are quite common for blogs, but this will be my first.

I’d like to share that 2013 wasn’t my best year, but it was full of lessons–and I don’t mean just knitting. Life lessons. Big nasty hairy drooling lessons. I’m so grateful for the lessons. I’m even more grateful that the new moon on this new year brings some renewed energy, an outlook that I so desperately need.

There is much change lurking on the horizon. I feel like it’s watching me and licking its lips from behind a giant mound of lessons. Basically, a change-monster. It looks like a viking, very intimidating and threatening in an armoured helmet equipped with horns and heavy weapons. I see it there. It lurks with an enormous axey thing in its big burly hand, staring intently, waiting, watching, ready to pounce. Change-monsters are absolutely inevitable and often painful. I do hope, though, mine brings me some chocolate to make all these lessons he will dole out in short order just a little more palatable.

2013 had many positive changes and things to be happy about. This year I started blogging about my art, my work with textiles and mixed media. That was a wonderful change. I’ve learned a lot about website building and have some ideas for updates and upgrades to the look and feel. I have a new appreciation for developers, the advances in software, and the exploding social media landscape.

This year I had a few breathe-throughs (breakthrough experiences) that I wouldn’t trade for anything like an important relationship developing with my mentor and myself. This year I had many creative breathe-throughs about my own development and process. I became unapologetic about my own artistry and statement behind my work. This year, I’ve embraced my age, my gray, my body image, and my self-love, feeling full for the first time instead of looking for something or someone else to fill it.

As for you, dear reader, I wish you a peaceful new year with only as many breathe-throughs as you want.

Peace, pilgrim…

get more fiber…

I have a dear friend in Canada who has recently gathered some creatures of the alpaca and llama variety to keep her dogs company. They’ve started an alpaca farm. Her photos of the alpacas, Dolly the Llama, her dogs, the farm, along with all her plantings… they all bring me joy. I love seeing what’s happening at Serendipity Farm. She has sent me some alpaca rovings and some other little treats from her place and a neighbor’s farm down the road.

pink luscious

Last month I received a package from her. I had been waiting on a custom dyed hank of alpaca wool for a special project. A mutual friend has breast cancer and has lost her hair. As it’s freezing in Missouri, she asked me to make her some hats to wear. I had some lovely silk and wool I found in Tucson, but Lizzie in Canada wanted to donate some alpaca to the effort. I’m totally excited to get started on this hat for Erin. We love Erin. She’s such a courageous person and seriously a badass when it comes to this chemo nonsense I truly celebrate her. Truly, I’m celebrating. She’s kicking ass so far and had her last chemo treatment a couple of weeks ago.

I have been working diligently on her other hats, but honestly, I’m a slow crocheter. I finished one in silk and wool and sent it off, but I have another two I’m working on–one cotton blend and another silk and wool. I’m so slow. I often frog a project because it doesn’t suit or there’s a row that’s not as even as I’d like it. This may make me inefficient, but I just can’t allow a gift to roll off my hook unless it’s of good quality. You don’t give your crappiest work away, you want your best stuff to go to those you care about. But I digress.

Along with this hank of yarn, Lizzie included a half dozen “locks” from another farm. These are dyed with food-grade dye and so vibrant! I feel very spoiled! Also in the parcel, she included a couple of pounds of raw fiber. My dog thinks it’s for him. He started climbing all over me and tried to get in the box and wants to rub all over the fur. It’s really quite a new behavior! hahaha I laugh just remembering his urgency to get in that box! As it is, I’m struggling to narrow down what to do with this largesse! I am excited to see what I can learn while trying to make something really incredible or will I just make some slippers?